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‌You’ve seen them, perhaps younger generations of your family even have them, but are they really worth the hype? This week, I answer some of the most common questions that we get asked about induction hobs and look at 3 of the smartest products currently on the market. 

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How do they work?

The word ‘induction’ refers to the method by which the heat is created. As a gas or electric hob uses radiant heat, induction hobs use electromagnetism. However, radiant heat heats the stove, which heats the pan which in turn heats your food, whereas electromagnetism directly heats the pan which in turn heats the food. 

Will I need a specialist set of pans?

Induction hobs do require magnetic pans in order to work. However, you may already have them. Cast iron cookware will naturally work and it is easy to test your existing stainless-steel pans by placing a fridge magnet on the bottom: if it sticks, they will work! 

How safe are they?

As the heat is only directed to the magnetic bottom surface of the pan, the risk of scalds and burns from direct heat is dramatically reduced. 

Are they easy to clean?

The surface of the hob never heats up making spillages as easy to clear up as cold food. Unlike most electric and gas counter parts induction hobs are flush with minimal surfaces leaving no space for residual crumbs to lurk in! 

Are they cost effective?

Induction plates are super-fast and will heat water to boiling in less than half the time of gas and only direct the heat to the pan meaning less than 20% of heat is wasted and less time spent with the appliance using electricity.

Are there any downsides to cooking with induction?

Speedy cooking isn’t for everyone so if you have a routine of prepping while waiting for the rice or pasta to boil you may want to keep life leisurely. Another aspect to consider is that induction hobs will only work if you have an electric power supply which means no cups of tea while waiting for a power cut to be over!

Still not convinced that induction hobs are for you? I may have found your answer as I’ve rounded up 3 induction hobs that over the greatest versatility…

3 Best of the Best and versatile Induction Hobs 2021

1.lacanche.png As you would expect from the Lacanche brand, their induction hobs are extremely powerful. The controls are mounted on the front of the Lacanche range, allowing rapid and easy adjustment of heating rates. Power-level indicators beneath the transparent glass-ceramic surface give you visual control over how the heating zone is responding. Although you can opt for just an induction hob, the reason that Lacanche have made our Top 3 is because they offer flexible and varied stove top combinations for all of their models. Induction plates can be mixed with any of their integrated hob options including, electric chargrills, planchas, gas burners and bain maries, offering seasoned or aspiring cooks limitless options. 

2.neff.png NEFF are no stranger to innovative cooking solutions and their latest venting hob proves the point. It combines two appliances in one; extractor and induction hob. The addition of the built-in extraction vent does not distract from the efficiency of the technology. All of the features that we’ve come to expect from the Neff induction range are present in the Venting Hob (T58TL6EN2); including their iconic TwistPadFire removable control, power transfer and flex induction (allows you to place pans anywhere within a larger zone). But best of all, you get a clear view of the kitchen and an automatic air sensor to control the extraction rate. 

miele kmf99.png With a plethora of features this top of the range Miele definitely deserves its place in our best of the best not least because of its touch screen control area. Many induction hobs do require a certain amount of manual reading in order to get the most out of the array of functions available but this is where Miele have excelled and removed most of the hard work by providing a touch-screen control area. Another stand-out feature for me is the Stop & Go feature which allows you to turn every zone down to level one at just one command; an absolute must for those important incoming calls, child or pet emergencies or if you’ve just remembered that you left the bath running but don’t want the sauce to burn! 

To conclude

So, in summary, induction hobs offer an energy efficient and safer way to cook. They run on electricity but some companies do offer flexible hob options allowing you to combine both electric and gas. They are sleek and seamless and the easiest to clean of all stove tops. Did I mention just how quick they are? The only thing I would say is prep before you begin to cook; things will heat up much faster than you ever imagined!

Simon's Kitchens are proud to be regional suppliers of many appliances including Lacanche and Neff. Please visit our Colchester showroom for a Neff induction hob demo!

‌Induction hobs are proven to be the safest heating sources in the kitchen

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