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Your kitchen countertop is crucial to the look and functionality of your kitchen and there is a wide array of materials, colours and styles to choose from.

What you choose will play a huge part in determining the character of your kitchen.  The kitchen is a such a personal room in your home; it’s where you chat with your friends, where people gather to prepare dinner, at parties, or just to spend time together.

These days the kitchen is no longer an afterthought in the home. It is now an important space that can integrate with the living-dining room and share the same design.

In this so-called “reconversion” process, the island plays a major role, as it serves as a connecting element between the two environments as well as a meeting place in the home.


What colour countertop will enhance your kitchen space?

Light coloured countertops are clean and simple, which immediately reflects light back in to the room. You could then add in tones of other colours to enhance the colour of your units such as shades of grey, blue, gold or green swirled into the white background.
dark worktops
Or go strong and dark with a black surface with maybe the shimmer of tiny crystals embedded in the design, or swirls of metallic lightness to add interest.
Whichever colour and style you go for you can now match it with coloured sinks, taps and splashbacks which can bring the whole design together.
midas copper undermount kitchen
At Simon’s, we can help you choose a kitchen countertop that is not only functional and beautiful, but also plays a key role in the daily lives of your family. A stunning array of work surfaces in quartz, porcelain or granite can be viewed in our showroom and you can browse our kitchens for some ideas.
Let Simon’s help you redefine you kitchen by speaking with us now.

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