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‌If you have grown-up in Colchester, Essex, then you are guaranteed to know three things; Colchester was the capitol of Roman Britain, Boudicca led the Icenis in a revolt against roman rule and the Romans loved our native oyster species Ostrea edulis.

While our native oyster can only be harvested for sale Sept-April (allowing stocks to recover) the Pacific Oyster has abundant stocks and can be harvested and sold any time of year. In order to celebrate an industry that has sustained a community of fishermen for two millennia, and the Colchester Medieval & Oyster Market Fayre we bring you a simple recipe followed by a video on how to open oysters by our friends at Colchester Oyster Fishery

butter oysters.png Recipe from

How to open an oyster

Oyster knife with guard available from

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Saturday 31st July – Sunday 1st August 2021

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