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‌Details matter and Simon’s want even the smallest parts of your bespoke kitchen to bring you joy. That’s why the right handles can enhance your furniture and add to the overall feel of quality and luxury.

Simple circular round knobs and T-Bar handles are very popular and versatile, but there are variations available which can give your kitchen that extra individual finishing touch.

We can supply high quality metalwork fittings that are beautifully hand made and hand finished with unique finishes in bold designs. Simon’s are also able to offer custom handles in alternative metal finishes and bespoke sizes to suit all types and sizes of doors and drawers.

We’re confident we can supply your perfect handle, you just need to consider a few things. Of course we're always available to help and make suggestions.

Modern or Traditional

The first thing to consider, is that the style of your kitchen handles should complement the style of your kitchen. Sleek minimalist designs are often the go to for modern kitchens, whereas something more intricate, or rustic may suit a more traditional kitchen. Of course there is a huge array of designs, allowing you to find the perfect handle.

Knobs or Pulls

The size and weight of a door or drawer will often dictate which type of handle is required, but some designs can blur the distinction. Often a kitchen will require both, so a handle design that has harmonious options is the ideal.

Size and Shape

A small handle can keep things looking minimal without going handleless, while a larger handle can make a bold eye catching statement. Often the shape of your handles should reflect the shapes found in your kitchen, particularly other hardware fixtures and fittings, like taps and lights.

Colour and Finish

With metalwork handles, it’s important to opt for stainless steal or brass for durability. Brass handles come in Natural, Antique and Bronze finishes, while for stainless steel they are Matt, Semi-Gloss and Full Gloss. Matching the colour and finish to other fixtures and fittings will bring a harmonious feel to your kitchen.

Simon's can also supply these ornate horn handles.

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Position and Functionality

There are generally accepted handle positions for ergonomic reasons, but there is always room for variation. Handles should also feel comfortable to grip and use and provide years or service, while still looking great.

You can always discuss your kitchen handle requirements with us, to help you find the perfect handles.

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